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The effect of news consumption on attitudes to immigration: a new article published in Political Communication

The Illiberal Turn team has published a study exploring how exposure to particular media types and news content impacts on attitudes to immigration and support for populism in the Czech Republic. Combining a 2-wave panel survey, digital data tracing, real-time electronic measurement of news consumption, and a content analysis over the course of 3 weeks during the 2019 EP election campaign, we have found out (among others) that:

1) exposure to Czech commercial TV coverage of immigration increases negative attitudes towards immigrants and increases the likelihood of voting for populist parties;

2) exposure to public service TV weakens negative attitudes towards immigration (though they still remain negative);

3) the more diverse media diet people have, the more hostile are their attitudes towards immigrants– a finding that might be explained by the overall high prevalence of negative framing of immigration across Czech media, as indicated by our content analysis.

The article was published in open access format in Political Communication, which is currently ranked Nr 1 in Political Science and Nr 2 in Communication according to the Social Sciences Citation Index (Web of Science).