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The Illiberal Public Sphere: Media in Polarized Societies – by by Václav Štětka & Sabina Mihelj


The Impact of News Consumption on Anti-immigration Attitudes and Populist Party Support in a Changing Media Ecology – by Václav Štětka, Sabina Mihelj & Fanni Tóth

Audience Engagement with COVID-19 News: The Impact of Lockdown and Live Coverage, and the Role of Polarization – by Sabina Mihelj, Katherine Kondor, and Václav Štětka

A Media Repertoires Approach to Selective Exposure: News Consumption and Political Polarization in Eastern Europe – by Fanni Tóth, Sabina Mihelj, Václav Štětka,  & Katherine Kondor

News consumption and immigration attitudes: a mixed methods approach – by Katherine Kondor, Sabina Mihelj, Václav Štětka & Fanni Tóth

Establishing Trust in Experts During a Crisis: Expert Trustworthiness and Media Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic – by Sabina Mihelj, Katherine Kondor & Václav Štětka

The ambivalences of visibility: News consumption and public attitudes to same-sex relationships in the context of illiberalism – by Sabina Mihelj, Katherine Kondor, Václav Štětka & Fanni Tóth

Book Chapters

“I don’t vote because I don’t want to get infected.” Pandemic, polarization and public trust during the 2020 Presidential Election in Poland – by Damian Guzek, Sabina Mihelj, and Václav Štětka. Published in Political Communication in the Time of Coronavirus.