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The research methodology is designed to facilitate the integration of qualitative and quantitative data throughout the project. The research is organised around three mixed methods work packages:

Work Package 1

WP1 involves a longitudinal study conducted during the European Parliament election campaign in May 2019 in the Czech Republic. The study combines (a) digital tracking of news consumption, (b) qualitative media diaries, a (c) pre-and post-election population survey, and (d) pre- and post-election qualitative interviews.

Work Package 2

WP2 involves a comparative study conducted between September 2019 and August 2020 in four countries. This package is informed by the preliminary results of WP1 and combines (a) a population survey, (b) qualitative media diaries, and (c) qualitative interviews pre- and post- the diary phase.

Work Package 3

WP3 involves integrative and contextual analysis and interpretation drawing on both qualitative and quantitative data as well as relevant contextual information from the four countries.